I am still trying to figure out this site and how to do it. Hopefully I will get it figured out soon. I somehow lost my first blog.

I plan to post pictures of projects as I am working on from needlepoint to my garden. I was hoping to get into the garden to work on it this weekend but it is suppose to get cold again. Maybe I will at least be able to work with the chicken and ducks. I really need to make a larger duck house to keep them in. I want to be able to separate the breeds so I might make a number of houses where I can separate them all and make the houses also movable also so I can move them all around the pastures.

I had to do a little chicken rearrangement because some of the roosters where being too aggressive to my little Fayoumi Rooster. He was just hiding but now is getting on the roost and is acting better.

Another project I will need to start as soon as it warms up is making new pens in the large barn for chicken and larger animals . New electric lines were already started so putting in lights and plugs are just a matter of getting the time to do it.

Project and more projects.