“Give Satan an inch, and he will become your ruler”


Well at work today I was able to enroll one person into the program. I am not one who likes to sit at work and vegetate so that made me a happy camper. After they changed the requirements Oct. 1 2004 it has slowed down to a snail’s pace here. It also does not do much for job security. The are again making changes in March but I have not been given the details yet.

I cannot really afford to lose any more hours since they have already dropped me from full time beginning October 1, 2004 to around 20 hours per week on this contract. I had to go back working the other contract in the computer lab and others unfounally others lost their hours. I now average about 36 hours a week working at both contracts. I do not get holiday pay with the part-time status I now have so I lost at least one day a month in pay. It is a good thing they are now open again for training holidays in the Computer lab so at least I get some hours there. When they were closed for the training hoildays I lost 2 days per month of work. The Dean now wants to close the computer lab at 6:00 P.M. That should make the clients very happy when most get off at 4:30-5:00 and l have to go the the dining halls before they close too if they want their evening meal.

It looks really nasty outside and the temperature is dropping. They are saying we will get around 2 inches of snow. I really do not mind the snow but hate it when it gets warm enough to melt and turns into ice. So far I this year I haven’t got stuck in a ditch but there is still time yet, I suppose. I was stuck between two hills and could not go forward up the hill or go in reverse up the other hill a couple of weekends ago. I managed to back up enough where I might of been able to drive fast enough to get up the hill but I suppose I am now too afraid of sliding into a ditch again. So, I parked and walked home which was about 1/2 a mile away.

I still have not found my rooster. I did not find any evidence of being attacked but something most likely got it. I did find a Dutchess’s collar next to the fence at the other side of the pasture. Most likely Dutchess was trying to escape again and got her collar caught. She ran off the other night and ended up staying outside all night. I was told she did not want to go outside after she got into her crate in the enclosed porch the next morning . She was most likely hungry but we do feed them until the next meal. We bring them in from the barn and pasture at night and into the crates in in our enclosed porch.

I ordered Burdna Magazine again so I hope to get it soon so I can start sewing clothes again. I cannot find nice modest clothes, without having the Grandmother look, in this area and Kansas City which has more stores is a two hour drive. The magazine has the neatest patterns and the patterns are most likely even better than the ones they sell thought their calalog at fabric stores. Well, yes if you read about me I am a Grandmother but that does not mean I want to dress like one.

Well, I also believe I have mostly figured out how to use this site and post pictures. After practice I hope to be able to figure out how to put more than one photo per blog.