Well back to work today. It was too cold to get anything done outside this weekend. I was only able to put fresh straw in the coop before I had to run inside to get thawed out. I could not find the Fayomi rooster and I looked all over the one acre pasture including the tall weeds. There were coyotes running around the other night so I do hope that the rooster did not escape and become a meal for them. There is one coyote that is very large, about 40 pounds, and I really think that it might be half dog. It is very brave animal and will come close to the house and workshop.

I took pictures of my needlepoint projects with my digital camera this weekend. I also took pictures of three of the bottle gourds that I have painted. I do hope to put them on this site as soon as possible.

I started using a new bible guide and reading the bible the beginning of this year and hope to read the whole bible by the end of the year. I have been keeping it up so far.

I wanted to join a women’s gym but finance are making it out out question right now. I guess I will start going to the gym on base and at least using the treadmill to get in better shape. The price is right (free) so it is just a mater or stopping in the morning or after work. It will most likely have to be after work because the troops may have it reserved.

I just found out that a co-worker had a heart attack. He is a gouchy old man who is the computer tech but you still love him anyways. I will say extra prayers tonight for him.