If thou wouldst first thank God

For each good he bestows

Thou couldst not find the time

To murmur of thy woes.

-Amish Verse

It snowed a couple of inches last night but melted this mornings so at least the gravel road will be easy to drive on. I am hoping there is not enough moisture on the road to create ice when it freezes tonight.

I filled out a checklist for Family and Consumer Science Licensure. Finally, I might be able to work towards a teacher licensure. I will make copies of the class descriptions on Sunday to go with the checklist, especially for the University in Florida I went to since they stopped having a Family and Consumer Degree a long time ago and the class descriptions will not be in the University’s catalog anymore. Hopefully, I will be able to send it off on Saturday. I am glad I listed to my advisor and got the catalog during my last year.

I still did not get anything done around here today since their was snow still. I went to Wall-Mart to get some food and spray sealant for the birdhouses. I got some food to make Mexican food tomorrow. I made spit pea soup tonight in my rice cooker. It was the first time I tried making it in the appliance and it came out very good. I will try again doing oatmeal. It came out too watery but I put it in a thermos and took it to work and it was perfect by the time I stared to eat it.

My daughters have a Birthday party to go to Sunday so I do not think I will be able to get much done tomorrow either. I guess that the way thing go some times.