Kansas Farm Joke

A Hindu, a Muslim, and a politician are traveling across the country together. In the middle of Kansas, their car breaks down, so they push it to the nearest farm to fix it, but it gets dark by then. They ask the farmer if they can spend the night, and he says, ‘Yup. We goats us a guest bed that will hold two of yer, but one of y’all gonna have to sleep in the barn.’
The travelers agree to this and the Hindu volunteers to sleep in the barn. The politician and the Muslim go up to the guest room and start to get ready for bed, but five minutes later, they hear a knock on the door. Its the Hindu, who says, ‘Guys, I was lying down to go to sleep, but then I see this cow near me, and my religion won’t allow me to sleep under the same roof as a cow.’
The Muslim understands, so he volunteers, but five minutes later, when the Hindu and politician are getting ready for bed, there’s another knock on the door. It’s the Muslim, and he says, ‘Hey, I’m truly sorry, but I was going to sleep when this pig started oinking near me, and my religion won’t let me sleep near a pig.’
The politician finally agrees to sleep in the barn, although a little reluctantly. Five minutes later, there’s another knock on the door. It’s the cow and pig.

We are having a lot of snow today. They are saying we are going to get about two to four inches. It looks like it just might get that high. I am starting to worry about driving home now because when I get to Dickerson County they do not plow the roads very much where I live, if at all. At least the wind does not seem to be blowing very hard so there shouldn’t be a lot of snow drifts. That gets me stuck faster than anything. Drifts and ice on hills. When I get back home I take a picture of all of the snow. It should be very pretty out there today.

It is a very slow day today. Surprise. Surprise. All I have done today so far is bring a recoup to finance and put some recoups in the database. That took about 2 hours and now I am very bored. I guess I should stop complaining because at least I have somewhat of a job or jobs. March 1 may be another story since both of the contracts I work on are coming up for renewing their contracts. I hope the computer lab does not go to 5 month contracts too because that would be very bad for my financial security.