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Potatoes Planted

Yesterday was just to windy to even try to put down plastic by myself so I planted around 20 more feet of potatoes. I did not have time to do plant more peas. I really need to get them planted before it get too hot. I did take a picture of tulips that had started to bloom. They are a really pretty red color. I will put a picture on this page later that I took the other day.

It is very windy and rained today when I get home so I do not think I will get much done outside.

The Weekend

Well Saturday I got all 150 shrubs planted. I rediscovered stomach muscles I forgot I had. I still need to get the black plastic around all of the shrubs which will most likely take the rest of the week. Tuesday noon to closing I work in the computer lab instead of the counselor support job in the other building so I will be able to get some done in the morning if I am not too lazy and get started early.

Sunday my daughter Kelly cmae in worried the the turkeys contacted Blackhead but I noticed one had diarrhea and the others started eating it. Animals can be so gross sometimes. I put an anitbotic in their water becasue it is likely Coccidiosis. I will check on them when I return tonight.

Sunday I made a lot of food so I mainly cooked that day and was not able to do any gardening It was a wonderful day so I hope it will get the peas and grass growing. We had roast beef, roast lamb, roasted carrot and potatoes, basil sauce pasta, corn , rolls, greenbean casserole, rice pilaf, lemon cake, apple pie and german chocolate cake.

Change of Plans

A co-workers dog is ill so I will be working the night shift instead of the day today. I am trying to get as much laundry done as possible before I will need to leave for work so I will have the weekend free to do other things. The 150 shrubs for the wind break arrived the other day so they will need to be planted Saturday.

The 50 American plums will be planted around the woodlot area to help create a wind break in the north area and also provide feeding and shelter for pheasants and other animals. The Caragana will be planted around the west/east pasture and barn and in front of the house. The 50 lilac will be planted around the house and along the driveway to provide an extra windbreak the house. It is still very wet and overcast so it is going to be a challenge. I might have to heel them in until it dries a little. At least it is not very cold.

The computer lab is so….. slow tonight. I guess most of the regulars when someplace since it is a holiday weekend. I have two using computers right now and that has bee like that for about 2 hours after the group left doing a school project. I have’t work too many evenings in the last 6 months when I took the other contract that was full time. It however, went part-time after 6 months due to cut backs so I now work two contracts to get 32-38 hours per week.

Since I did not come in until noon I was able to get a few loads of laundry done so I do not have to worry about it so much this weekend.

I am hoping I will have time to get more straw so I can clean out the chicken coup and put fresh straw inside since they are inside the coup more because I am allowing them only access to the chicken run area. I haven’t seen any of the pasture seed growing yet. It might be too cold for the seeds to really grow. I do not know if I will be able to plant more in the garden becasue it will most likely still be too wet still.

The road to our place has gotten horrendous. They have not graded the gravel road for months and now there are huge ruts in the road. I thing I am going to try going the other way because there may be less traffic and tractors that travel that way.


Observe all men; thy self most.

—Poor Richard’s 1740 Almanack


The chicks and ducklings all seem to be doing very good. I mentioned to Kelly that the turkeys will be good eating of pastured turkeys in a few months. She now decided that Seekh, kebab and skewer are now going to be pasture ornaments. It is still up for discussion .

I haven’t been able to get into the garden because it is still wet. Hopefully, this weekend it will be warm enought for planting the rest of the potatoes and peas and what else can be planted now.

The fuit trees that I planted seen to be okay. I need to go around and get rid of all the weeds around the pine trees I planted that are still alive. I should be getting around 150 shrubs delivered very soon so I need to start preparing for them, most likely next month from the Kansas Forest Service. I am planting them form wind breaks around the house and barns. I think I am going to rent an augar or post hole digger to at least start the holes.

Another Day on the Farmette

“War does not determine who is right War determines who is left”
(African Proverb)

I put the chicken on lock down Friday. I caught the three Fayoumi’s terrorist in the garden again destroying it. The have the coop and fenced in run now and no pasture access. I reseeded about 1/3 of their pasture Sunday and will do the rest later. It is raining today that that will really the grass grow and also the 20 feet of peas I planted. Once the pasture is green again it should help with the grass is green on the other side of the fence symptom they are displaying now in the spring.

All of the chicks are doing great. The more to the workshop seems to be okay for them as long as the power does not go out.

I am so glad more firewood was cut on Sunday because the temp seems to be dropping again.

Saturday 19 March

Not too much of an eventful day. Worked in my herb garden weeding it a bit. My herb garden one that was designed is is in her book called Herb Gardening in Five Seasons. This 12 x 18 is a design with many perennial herbs. She used a St. Fiacre shrine for her focal point however, I use a globe. The design has two sides or “wings” The left wing is the Culinary area with lovage, garlic, sage tarragon, winter savory, marjoram and I included Cilantro and chocolate mint. The right wing is for fragrance. It has pineapple sage. lemon balm. lavendar beebalm, clary sage and lemon verbena. IN the lower right their is a small collection of tea plants –camomile. orange mint, pineapple mint and pennyroyal, and peppermint.

I did some burning today of some of the tall grass areas too. We also move the chicks into the workshop “Yea”. I cannot stand the smell but someone will be around next week in case the electicity goes out.

I made Chicken Boti Kababs today. The girls and I really like them and I would likely have them more often by I forget to start them in the morning’s evening before and they need at least 6 hours to marinate. I made some rice and salad to go with it.

I am planning on make corned beef and cabbage again Sunday. I put the brisket in the crockpot for at least 8 hour and it is great. I then cook potatoes and cabbage with the juice to make them yummy. Hopefully I will get some soda bread or scones made. We will then have a cherry cheesecake bar dessert I made this evening.

Oh, the chicken are still escaping and made a mess of my garden.

At The Computer Lab

It is very slow in the computer lab today. Since 8:00 A.M. I have had a total of ten clients. I haven’t had anyone in the last hour. I suppose it is too nice outside. A little cool but sunny.

I went looking at other blogs using the next button untill I came to a site that would not let you go forward. The AARP site was not for me. I am not that old. Next was clearpicture.blogspot and I was not able to read JEWMIX’s site since I could not read the language. So I got bored. I did find a blog made by Louwen who has a menno joke and history website called Menno Night in Canada.

New Turkeys

I stopped to see if there were any turkeys to take home for one lonely one. I was able to get two more. I could now resist the two blue swede ducks. They are such a pretty bird so I got two of them that were there.

We set up the small sheep tank in the parlor and put the ducks in a box. It seems to be working okay so far. I put chicken wire and towels to prevent any birds from flying out.

I am rather glad that I did not plant the peas and the remainer of the potatoes yet because it is still getting into the twenties at night. It is, however, getting warmer during the day.

I put some of the cabbage I had started down in the basement in my coldframe. I placed the coldframe next to the house and water spigot to make it easier to care for.

Another nice day

It is so nice outside today. I wish I could be out there but in an hour and a half I should be. Well the turkey does not seem to want to stay by itself. It keeps getting out and going in with the chickens and that is not suppose to be a good thing because of blackhead disease. Hopefully, I will have time to drag in a large sheep water container to out them in. I really do not like them in the house but last year I lost a bunch of ducks when a storm came and the electricity went out. The house stays warmer than the workshop or barns. At least they are not as smelly as ducks.

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