It is not a good day for me. I am writing this again because what I typed disappeared a minute ago.

The main Ed center manager called the senior counselor here if I was being gainfully employed. They want to cut hours again from 24 hours per week to whatever. I told them they had contracted for 32 hours per week this month and we are suppose to go to 24 next month. When the project manager comes back she is not going to like the hour cuts. It will affect everyone including the employees at the computer lab since we will end up taking more hours from them to make up hours. You would think the ones who contract the hours would know hour many hours they have us come in anyways.

When I went to the computer lab to get the keys so I could open up this Friday they were not there and no one knew where they were. I was really hoping the person who will be working the weekend took them not realizing there was a training holiday and someone will need to open up Friday morining, like me. Yes, she had them so I can stop worrying about keys now.

I got home only to find my two daughters outside trying to put a duck into a cat carrier. It did not look and act too happy. They had forgotten the keys to the house. The day must get better.

Oh no, I get inside and check the chicks and find a dead turkey. I promised my upset daughter I will get more. I hope the one turkey left does not get too lonely. One pullet chick was also missing. I could hear its peeps but could not find it for about 15 lminutes. I found its trail, if you know what I mean. I found it on the bottom rung of a dining room chair. It is amazing how high a little chick can fly.

I think I will now go upstairs put on the TV and fall asleep.