Dear God, let all my hours be thine. Whilst I enjoy the light. Then shall my sun in smiles decline and bring a pleasant night. ~ Amish prayer


When I went out this morning to feed and water the animals I noticed a lot of holes dug in my garden beds. the Fayoumi hens must of got into the garden again *sigh*. I will need to get out to the chicken pasture and make sure the electric fence is working so I can hopefully keep them in.

The geese are laying again. I need to sneak into their hutch and grap their eggs so I can clean, blow them out and then decorate them.

Well, anyway here is another joke I found.

Top 10 reasons for being glad you’re a Mennonite
Jerome Bagget (Issue #1)

Large gene pools are so darn impersonal

Church leaders took a dramatic step forward in the cause for womens’ rights by affirming that head coverings need not be worn during the swimsuit competition at the Miss America pageant.

Menno Simons could easily have kicked Luther’s and Calvin’s butts.

Completing one’s education without ever experiencing sex ed taught by an 80-year-old nun claiming to be “married to Christ” greatly increases the possibility of having a healthy sex life.

Can’t find a good three bean salad at any restaurant anywhere in the U.S.

The fellowship at the annual Amish-Mennonite Oktoberfest never strained by a nasty hangover.

Who can dance to rap music anyway?

Church leaders plan to remain true to the traditional stance of military non-involement by prophetically declaring all Mennonites to be gay or lesbian.

The excitement is really building around the upcoming motion picture starring Harrison Ford and Kelly McGinnis about Mennonite ethnic diversity entitled Whiteness.

Over 600 songs in the new Mennonite hymnal and not one of them is Kum Ba Yah.