He does not possess Wealth; it possesses him.

Richard’s Almanack-1734

Well last night something, most likely one of the dogs, left a gift on the porch. It was a dead possum (yuck). I have seen a recipe for cooking one in one of my 40+ cookbooks but that is a(double yuck) for me. I figured it could wait for a burial in the morning but it was not there in the morning. I supposed something had it for a meal.

I was able to get the two fruit tees planted and two berry plants today. I forgot to put on sunscreen before I went out and it got sunny altogether it stayed cool. I hope I did not get sunburn. I came in round two hours later after I remembered.

I also got two turkey and four red production hens today. I fixed the electric fence but the two Fayoumi hens escaped again. Well I thought so, apparently one of the girls turned off the fence. So I am not really sure if it will keep them in the chicken pasture.

I also got the ducks out of the chicken coop and into their own coop in the fenced orchard. They are very messy birds. I got 13 geese eggs last night and two this mornings. I already blew them out so I should be able to start decorating them this week. I need to come up with a better way of blowing out the contents. I use those baby nose cleaner suck out all of the snotty yuck things and it is time consuming.