Not too much of an eventful day. Worked in my herb garden weeding it a bit. My herb garden one that was designed is is in her book called Herb Gardening in Five Seasons. This 12 x 18 is a design with many perennial herbs. She used a St. Fiacre shrine for her focal point however, I use a globe. The design has two sides or “wings” The left wing is the Culinary area with lovage, garlic, sage tarragon, winter savory, marjoram and I included Cilantro and chocolate mint. The right wing is for fragrance. It has pineapple sage. lemon balm. lavendar beebalm, clary sage and lemon verbena. IN the lower right their is a small collection of tea plants –camomile. orange mint, pineapple mint and pennyroyal, and peppermint.

I did some burning today of some of the tall grass areas too. We also move the chicks into the workshop “Yea”. I cannot stand the smell but someone will be around next week in case the electicity goes out.

I made Chicken Boti Kababs today. The girls and I really like them and I would likely have them more often by I forget to start them in the morning’s evening before and they need at least 6 hours to marinate. I made some rice and salad to go with it.

I am planning on make corned beef and cabbage again Sunday. I put the brisket in the crockpot for at least 8 hour and it is great. I then cook potatoes and cabbage with the juice to make them yummy. Hopefully I will get some soda bread or scones made. We will then have a cherry cheesecake bar dessert I made this evening.

Oh, the chicken are still escaping and made a mess of my garden.