Well Saturday I got all 150 shrubs planted. I rediscovered stomach muscles I forgot I had. I still need to get the black plastic around all of the shrubs which will most likely take the rest of the week. Tuesday noon to closing I work in the computer lab instead of the counselor support job in the other building so I will be able to get some done in the morning if I am not too lazy and get started early.

Sunday my daughter Kelly cmae in worried the the turkeys contacted Blackhead but I noticed one had diarrhea and the others started eating it. Animals can be so gross sometimes. I put an anitbotic in their water becasue it is likely Coccidiosis. I will check on them when I return tonight.

Sunday I made a lot of food so I mainly cooked that day and was not able to do any gardening It was a wonderful day so I hope it will get the peas and grass growing. We had roast beef, roast lamb, roasted carrot and potatoes, basil sauce pasta, corn , rolls, greenbean casserole, rice pilaf, lemon cake, apple pie and german chocolate cake.