Observe all men; thy self most.

—Poor Richard’s 1740 Almanack


The chicks and ducklings all seem to be doing very good. I mentioned to Kelly that the turkeys will be good eating of pastured turkeys in a few months. She now decided that Seekh, kebab and skewer are now going to be pasture ornaments. It is still up for discussion .

I haven’t been able to get into the garden because it is still wet. Hopefully, this weekend it will be warm enought for planting the rest of the potatoes and peas and what else can be planted now.

The fuit trees that I planted seen to be okay. I need to go around and get rid of all the weeds around the pine trees I planted that are still alive. I should be getting around 150 shrubs delivered very soon so I need to start preparing for them, most likely next month from the Kansas Forest Service. I am planting them form wind breaks around the house and barns. I think I am going to rent an augar or post hole digger to at least start the holes.