It was a wonderful weekend in the 70’s. As I pasted by the garden centers I noticed a lot of people buying plants but it is really too soon put out much. It is now rather cold with the cold front coming from the Rocky Mountians where it snowed this weekend.

My spring flowers of tulips and such are in flull bloom as you can see in the photo. My lilacs are also booming. It looks as if just about all of the 150 shrubs I planted are growing or budding. We will see when hot weather hits how they do.

My cabbage plants and lettuce are ready to plant. I have them out side in a cold frame and hopefully will get them out this Friday if not sooner. I started about 50 tomato plants in the basement but will not put them into the regular garden untill next month nad will put them in the coldframes in a couple of weeks..

The electric fence is still working great. It was well worth the cost.