Yesterday I was busy in the garden. I was able to plant sweet potatoes, more tomatoes, pumpkin, and beans before it got too late. I did a little weeding too. This weekend weeding will be a focus since it is getting out of control.

I planted some more herb plants in the herb garden. The herb garden is looking very well. The roses in the soon to be patio area are doing very well . Two the the bushes are full of roses. I was worried this week because I had problems with the plumbing I would have to dig up area around the rose but that I was lucky.

I still have half of the barn to clean up. It has been slow going. I will NEVER again buy a home with a barn without stipulationing it will be cleaned out first. The roto-tiller is the best method so far I found to get the hard packed manure easier to get shoveled out.