Well, yesterday we had a heat wave. It got around 92 degrees here. Waht a record breaker. It is cooler today. Thank goodness. I was planning on planting the tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cabbage and kale I had started and have in the cold frame but I was afraid it would be too hot and they would all wilt. I plan on trying to plant them on Friday so I will be around most of the weekend to watch them.

I did get corn and beans planted in the garden on Sunday. Most of the potatoes have made a come back from the freeze a couple of weeks ago. All the grape vines seem to be making a come back too and none of the fruit trees seem to be affected.

My daughter’s FFA class came out today to look at the poultry. I hope I created an interest in some of the them to be interest in poultry especially some of the rarer breeds.