Yahoo! The scented daylilies are blooming and so are the some of other ones.

My vegetable garden is also doing well. I have already harvested sugar and regular pea. The potatoes and carrots should be ready soon. All of the pumpkin, and melons are doing great. This year, since I have a real problem with squash bugs, I started spraying the pumpkins with bug spray when they started running or else I lose them before I know it. I also sprayed all of the other squash type plants.

Well tragic struck again. Somehow a raccoon got into the hen house and I cannot figure out how. Well anyway I lost 20 hens in the turmoil. I put the remaining hens inside a dog run in the main barn with the dogs loose to keep anything out of the barn. It worked last night and the dogs did not bark as much as usual which was great. I had to put the turkey in a smaller square kennel area but they are doing fine. They do not more around too much anyways.