I will finally have a weekend off to get things done around here. I am planning to put tile around the wood stove and go about 2 feet in front of it. The rug has been burned too many times from ashes falling while trying to clean it out. I will need to get it done now before it gets too cold since I will need to use the stove to heat the house. I am planning on getting a larger stove that has a 2000 sq feet range so I can heat the house better because there is no heat upstairs except for one room.

Then, hopefully, in the spring I will have saved enough money to tile the family room and kitchen or at least put a vinyl floor in. The rug has been stained too much by the children when I was at work and they did not clean up the mess and the kitchen floor tile is cracking and peeling.

So it will be off to Topeka Friday after work and then I will have the weekend to hopefully finish the project.