O’Yes it is that time of year to plant more bulbs. A lot of people tell me they do not like tulips because the blooming period is so short but I personally adore them.

They are one of the first flowers to boom after a cold dreary winter and you have so may colors to choose from. Most of my tulips are planted under the maple tree. Once it leaves out their is only a few plants to grow under there any way. Light shade helps the late blooming ones anyway,

At the present time I have Dawin tulips (large oval flowers), Lilly-flowered Tulips(long and narrow with pointed ends), Rembrandt (which multi-colored), and Peony flowered.

Well it is time to may a visit to the garden center and see what I can find. I think I will get some Parrot types.

When I plant my tulips I personally like to plant them in groups of at least 5 bulbs and always try to plant them in odd numbers such as 3,5,7,11,15 etc.. Most of my groups are in the 5 to 7 bulb range. The picture above is three that are in area where the sidewalks meat and it is better to have low growing plants. The ground cover takes over in this area during the summer. I personally believe this is the most pleasing for the eyes. I have some perennials in the bed so I plant them in groups around them. Then when they begin to fade I clip the flowers off and leave the leaves growing to store enough food for the next years growth. You then do not have a large be of just leave because the perennial start to take over the show. I also will plant annuals in front of the group to become the focal point of the bed.