After work I went to do my weekly shopping at the Grocery Store and Farm Store to buy food for all of us animals. I came home and the girl’s had tried to start a fire in the woodstove and had smoked up the house, so I got that under control.

Made dinner and straightened up the house a little and then went out to feed the animals. I could not find one one of the turkeys so I called and asked the Border Collie to find. It is out of practice and ended up looking for chickens instead. I found it after hearing it call in the tall weeds and had the girls bring a cart. We loaded her up and took her into the barn. I found no injuries and do not know while it will walk walk but it is eating. It’s feet were never normal anyways. We ended up separating it with a heat lamp in another pen from the others. I will be checking on it this morning and after work. Hopefully, it will be okay.

Update this morning

It was standing up looking okay. I think it just got lost and tired and did not want to walk any farther.

We are having a Supervisor flying in from Virgina today so it should be very interesting. Already one of the supervisor from another company has asked me what is wrong with my manager today. Just Stress!