Found an internet site to order some of the birthday supplies for the girls. I was able to order a Dragon Piñata and some theme plates, cups and things. I got some of those nasty Bot’s jelly beans with flavors such as vomit and grass at the book store in the mall. I will mix them in with the regular Jelly Belly beans to make the guess the amount jar. Most of the time I bake a cake but I think I will order one this time in a week or so.

I started getting some bedroom decorations so after the bedroom is drywalled I will have some nice things to decorated the bedroom. I am so tired of the nasty look I have now with the paneling and the ceiling panels. I want my beauiful Boudoir back.

I am hot right now because heat is on at work and it is about 85 degrees outside. They have dates they set the heat and turn off the heat so you always have a few weeks each year you are uncomfortable. So of course we are now getting record heat for this time of year.