For the most part I have doing most of these things for years. I have watched neighbors get in the car to do something, come back and then get in the car again. I guess I an more a home body and do not like shopping that much. If I had the money I would have someone to shop for me. After about an hour in a mall or a store I pretty much had enough.

Time Savers

I am not sure of this but it might work very well in large cities. I am not sure in the area I live because were I shop they do not have the double coupons and such but it might be worth the checking out for others. I used to use coupons more but now they expire so much quicker and a lot of the products are ones I do not use since I do not eat a lot of processed foods. I you look at my other blog you will see the recipes I use which are for the most part simple, easy and not too expensive except maybe the chicken breasts.
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