After work I had an typical annual appointment. I got there 15 minutes before appointment time and filled out all forms, returned them and then sat down and waited. As I sat there clients came and went and 15 minutes later I got call for the typical blood pressure check and weighting. The blood pressure device went one time, then deflated and then went another time ,this time with more pressure. Okay I was thinking this is not too bad. It deflated again and then started inflating again and this time it was getting rather tight and I was beginning to get somewhat worried and I looked at the nurse and she was giving a very perplex look and then saying we might have to use the other arm. Luckily this time it got a reading. It was 124/74 which is not too bad especially for me in a medical clinic with the device trying to be a tourniquet.

Then she had me go back to the waiting area and I waited and waited and soon I was the only one there, then the receptionists started leaving. I looked in that direction and the person who took by blood pressure asked. “Are you still waiting for your appointment? This is the time you feel like saying sometime like “No I just love hanging around medical clinics to see what I can catch?” But I would never do that and just said “yes”.

She took off and then the PA came and called me in. I wonder if they even have Doctors anymore here? She asked me “What was the hold up”? Boy, like I knew.

Last time I went to get my tetanus the shot record part was missing. Just my luck. I still need to get my copy up their to update it now. Last appointment I was talking about one last test taken in October last year and it’s missing. Why me?

This time the PA started saying Oh, I am so sorry you HAD SARS. What, are you sure you have the correct records? Man, I wish I had other medical insurance. This place drives me crazy.

Then my cell phone went off. I told them not to call. I thought I will call later. Then it went off again and then I again so I answered it. Oh, mom I accidenlty left your turkey roaster at school.

So I finally got out of their very late. I think almost all of the employees had left before me because the parking lot was just about empty. Then I had to go shopping for last minutes food and of course, a turkey roasting pan. Got some chicken there and it is always too salty and the potato salad has too much mustard. Oh well, end of a great day.