My day started out with a flood. That is a flooded bathroom after the toilet overflowed again. This is when I need to get the goats to the vet in the morning. So I found a bunch of towels to saok up the water and will clean it later. Yes, I got here before the Vet did and got the goats all settled in.

I got them there okay for their scheluded procedure and then went back home. I started watching TV but soon was bored with that after about 30 minutes. So I started looking at recipes again to decide which ones to post on my other blog. I decided to post a sugar cookie recipe that you can make into different variations.

I called the vet and asked if the goats were out of surgery. The person on the phone said can’t you hear them but I though it was a cat. So I went and got them. Poor think all wrapped up. Jasper I am sure is sore front and back and I do not know which area hurts the worse. The Vet handed me some pain killers in injection form asking if I have every given shots before. Yecch, I guess there is a first think for everything. The vet said to just inject them in the thigh. My daughters assured me that they knew how because they learned how to in school with horses. Oh, boy I can see Saturday will be a fun day. They were rather drowsy when I picked them up but seem to be doing good and are even eating to my surprise. In the picture Jasper is in the blue bandage and FiFi is pink. He did not get bandage for his private parts. They look like they have little helmets on.

It got warmer, about 50 degrees so I decided to cut more of the back pasture for hay in the afternoon. I got some more cut and now I am now letting it dry. I also piled up some that was cut but got rained one since it is now dry again and will put into the barn Saturday.

We had leftovers tonight and I am already tiring of them.