God is great, God is good
We thank Him for our food
By His hand we all are fed.
Thank you, Lord, for our daily bread
———-Traditional, America

“Oh God, who makes a thousand flowers to blow,
Who makes both grains and fruits to grow,
Hear our prayer,
Bless this food
And bring us peace”
———–Traditional, Netherlands

“Thank you for the wind and rain
And sun and pleasant weather,
Thank you for this our food
And that we are together.”
———-Mennonite Blessing

“This ritual is One
The food is One
We who offer the food are One
The fire of hunger is also One
All action is One
We who understand this are One”
——–Hindu Blessings

“All life is your own,
All fruits of the earth
All fruits of your womb,
Your union, your dance,
Lady and Lord
We thank you for blessing and abundance.
Join with us, feast with us, enjoy with us!
———–Native American

“Let us in peace eat the food that God has provided for us.
Praise be to God, for all his gifts”
———-Armenian Apostolic Church

“Make yourself a light”

“Oh God, make us able
For all that’s on the table”

———-Traditional, Ireland

“Oh you, who feed the little bird, bless our food, Oh lord.”
———Traditional Norway

“Mohalo e ke Akua no na pomaika’i apau I loa’a mai ia oe mai.
Ho’onami ka Makua, ke Keiki, ka ‘Uhane Hemolele amene”
(Thank You , God, for all the blessings recievef from You.
Praise Father, Son and Holy Gprit, amen)
————From Hawaiian language kumu
William Kalikilehua Panui