Got the goats today. I think the person who sold them wanted to give us the McMansions Scenic Drivng route and it took almost two hours to get there from Topeka. We took our own route back and it took us only about an hour to drive back from there to Topeka. Oh, well, I saw places and towns of Kansas I have never seen before.

The goats seem nice and healthy. Got them into their pen and let them settle. Then we went to the house to cook dinner and guess what we hear. Yep, a kid that escape. So we found the two again, the one we heard ran back to the barn. We had to find the other. We then put them inside to see how they escape. Well, it took about two seconds for FiFi to just walk through the hinged part of the gate. We were back to plan two and put some extra chain length fence in the area and smaller fencing on the bottom of the cattle panel for extra measure. Went back to have dinner and we did not need to go to plan three (dog kennel) yet but we shall see tomorrow when they will have more time to find escape routes.