We should be getting the goats on Saturday and we should see now it goes. I have never been a super fan of goats. The one goat they had at college would get its head stuck in the fence every day. You think it would learn but NO it would still stick its head into the fence. Goats have weird looking eyes too. Where I worked a guy used to come in with those designer contact lenses and he had some that had goat eyes. Weird.

Another thinks with goats is the bucks will spray themself with their urine. Goat perfume, huh, sort of gross, if you ask me. Some people like the smell but there are all kinds. That is what makes the world interesting. However, I do not want that smell on my furniture. I use enough heavy duty cleaners and scented products like candles already. So no Bucks, if the one I am getting did not get the knife he will soon. Who knows I might get attached to goats and want more. Kind of like my chickens, but chickens are easy and sort of funny when they run and talk to you in chicken talk. Geese are okay too and ducks are FOWL but I like them too now that I have a special area for them and they are not able to FOWL up the other animals water.

These goats are small dwarf ones so they should not be able to get away so easily. I do not think all the loose cows around here would want them around anyway. I wonder if that farmer is missing his/her herd yet? They are staying away from the road and my house so the sheriff has not been called yet.

I be traveling to Topeka today to get some things done and feed for the kids.
Have a Great Day!