This is a new template. I am not sure I like it now that it is on. I like the color and the tulips but it is showing up only on one side of this monitor so I might have to tweak it some if I can figure out how. I really only know the basic of this stuff. I wanted a template I could put links on so that is why I decided to change. I would like to learn how to set up a template from stratch so I could make my own but using other templates will have to do for now.

I tried to find Pumpkin ice cream locally and even from Braum Ice cream and Dariy Stores. They also have pretty good Hamburgers. The person who stopped for me because I have not be able to get to one yet (45 miles away) said they did not have any. So I am back again trying to make some. I also set an email to the company asking when they will have some and if they are planning to make a store off I70.

I have not been pleased with my results yet in making a recipe but this one might work because it used a cusrtard to make it. Well I am going to give it a try. So I put it into Lakenderfoodblog.