I got a banking account at the local bank (small town only one)when I first moved in the area, because well, it was a local bank. You know excellent customer service and all that stuff. No lines, no hassle and so on. They were bought out from another bank and now their hours are what is called Bankers Hours. The hours are from 9 am to 3 pm and they are no longer opened on Saturday. That leaves no time before work or after work for me to go into the bank.

They have online banking service but for some reason, maybe because of the sercurity, my password has gotten messed up. I called them the other day (at work time because you have to call the bank during regular hours) to reset my password. They wanted my first 12 number user ID and password that they gave to start your account months ago when setting up the account. Like I can remember that. I, of course, had gone in to the web site after getting the account to change the 12 numbers to a user name I could remember and put in my own password. Luckily I had written down the old user name and passwork in my day planner book because, guess what, I would have to go in person to change the password it I did not know it and getting out of work during that time is nearly impossible right now because we do not have a substitute to come in during the day.

Then I came home to a notice in the mail that they are charging for services and charging more for some.

I just think I will be looking for a new bank this weekend that has convenient hours and is on the way to work.

Sometimes I am a little fustrated by the lack of growth inhtis town. The old pepole seem to want to keep it as it is but then fuss because their children move to the large cities to get JOBS. The town is making some progress with a new housing area. The area with the dirt is the new housing area.