It was a overcast day today. When I went out side to start the smoked turkey it was wet outside. It had rained last night. Out the window goes any plans to do hay or firewood.
I had things I could do inside so I started the turkey and it would not burn blue,. I ended up taking apart the flame adjustment to get cobwebs out. Spiders are everywhere here in Kansas. I got that done got the fire going, put he turkey on. It was doing great until I notice after cooking about half of the time there was no flame again. Ops, I ran out of propane with this cylinder. Well this means a trip to the workshop to get the other one. Got it going again and finally finished the turkey.

Since I was going to be inside today I cooked one pumpkin to make muffins and made the tea for the Horehound candy. Will need to get some more brown sugar to make the candy.

The chickens got out and we had to get them back in again or the big bad coyote will have another treat.

Then I had to run into town to get some poultry feed and pick up my daughters at my son’s apartment. I think his wife was thinking they would help clean up the house and they must of had other plans. They were playing darts when I got there.

Made roast beef for dinner and that about made my day.