This morning was a trip to Topeka to pick up a vent for the stove and other shopping. We of course went to IHOP’s again and I ordered the Chicken Fried steak with potatoes, pancakes and scrambled eggs. They good thing about the meal is I am not hungry again until the evening. The bad thing is it is high in fat.

After IHOP’s the we went to the book store and we all go some new books. I got Life Management for Busy Women. I have the authors other book “A Woman After God’s Own Heart” and decided to get this one. I like to look at the reduced section of the book stores to see if I can find anything interesting. I found a sort of cookbook, sort of facts about chickens, sort of coffee table picture book called Chicken Chicken Chicken by Laurence and Gilles Laurendon. It has some interesting facts and also some weird jokes. I guess you would call it that. Most of the recipes are French with others added in and they are all chicken recipes. Here is one under the Broody Hen chapter

Conversation between a Confucian hen and a Taoist hen
In the East, hens sometimes have conversations that would make our philosophical birds green with envy. Like this one between a Confucian hen and a Taoist hen.

One day a Confucian hen expressed surprise at the small size of the eggs laid by her neighbor, the Taoist hen.
“How do you expect to earn your living g with such small eggs? Look, they’re half the size of mine. You won’t get much for a dozen of those, believe me!”

The Taoist hen, who was busy being wooed by a cockerel, looked at the Confucian hen, then at her giant eggs, and replies:

“If you think, my dear, that for a few pence more I’m going to kill myself squeezing out those sort of eggs, you’ve got another think coming!”

Well, we got back from Topeka before the storm hit. FiFi, the goat, had somehow gotten the bandage wrap off here head so we had to redo it. Went back inside the house and when four came we had to redo the bandages again and give them their pain killer injections. Joy, oh, joy. FiFi had messed up the bandage again so we added an ace bandage wrap on top and hopefully it will stay. Her surgery looks good and has already stated scabing up but Jasper, the other goat, was still bleeding. At least it can off easier today and we just had to use a little bit of water on one side. I ran out of the bandage stuff after doing his so I will have to stop after work to get more.