Today I added my library thing link to this blog. I do not have all of the books to this site but will in the near feature. I should have them all by the end of December. I added about 30 last night and this morning. I also add a link so you can search this blog.

Winter came in like a lion Sunday and we have some snow on the ground. At least in the Fort Riley area. At my home it was all clear and I was very surprised at the winter weather when I got closer to work. I went by a cemetery and they had trees that were broken in the middle. Darn, when I have a good picture I do not have my camera with me. One of the buildings was also looked like it was totaled. I am hearing about damage to housing around here but have not seen any edvidence yet.

It was windy last night but not too bad but we had a tornado warning that was sited west of us and then all of sudden the direction of the wind changed and it was very strong and it got very dark. Things started blowing around the house and then it stared hailing. It seems that the storm changed directions and went to the other side of Highway 77. I have never got used to these storms in Kansas. Well, California had earthquakes but I could deal with that. It is every once in a while and not a number of times per year.