The Paris Housing Complexs are just another example of the failuar of civil leaders to house the lower income and poor. It does not make sence to trun to house family is ugy, large, grey, concrete and glass housing complex. Everywhere I have been they just become huge pools of dispare and lack a real feel for community. How can family watch their childre when the are a number of stories up high especially when they have children of varing ages.

These are just huge concrete blocks are housing ment to just store families without any concern developing a true communilty. When most comunity delvelop the area reacts to th eneeds of the occuipentts but providing the needed services. For exaple in the city near whrn I live after housing deveopment came up the banks, gas stations, and other services soon followed. However, when a government creates a big massive housing complex their cannot be the normal develpmnet of theses services.

True even some houing commuinites in the United States have caused some lack of commuity with out the sidewalks were people can salfly stole and some areas have addresed these problems. Take a look at this web side and look at this planned Urban Monster housing.