Woe is me! I am not ready for winter driving yet. Well the car is all up to date with oil change and all the usual stuff but I usually have supplies in my car for driving in winter weather. I suppose when I stop to get supplies for the goats bandaging I should get some supplies. I already have the cables, tow rope, first aid kit, wool blanket( I had cleaned it last month) and scraper I keep them all winter. I carry a flashlight in my purse. I usually keep a pair of boot in my car at all times during the winter. I have tow pairs and I usually keep my hiking boots int there in case I get stuck and need to walk becasue my shoes I wear to work will not work trying to walk in snow. I am also thinking of getting another small down blanket to put in the back seat. I have one on my chair and it is so nice to warp around you during the cold evenings. I have one of those fold up military type shovels that will work if you have to use it but the handle is very short making it hard to work with. I had to use it last year a couple of times. I suggest some ice melt too just in case you get to an area with too much ice.

Keep emergency supplies kit in vehicle, especially during winter.
Flashlight, extra batteries
Blanket or sleeping bag
First aid kit
Extra warm clothing
Sack of sand or kitty litter (for traction if stuck in snow)
Windshield scraper and brush
Extra washer fluid
Tow rope
Booster cables