I will need to bring my car into the workshop after work to see if I can get it thawed out. Apparently the windshield wiper fuel I had it the car can not take 20 degrees F. without freezing. I though that the reservoir was empty and filled it up with new wiper fluid but it still will not come out to clean the windshield.
Good news. Tonight the wiper fluid was working

I was looking into goat harnesses because I though it might be fun and helpful at times to have the goat pull a little cart around. I found two web sites and a few other places than make harness. I also found a site that had directions to make one but they were not very complete, just a drawing and I do not konw if I could do it from that without taking forever trying to figure it out.

Capine Supply

Alternate Livestock Supply

I have not done much outside because it it just too cold for me. I know I am a wimp but I hate cold fingers and toes.