I have been a little depressed this last week because I have lost contact with a good friend again!!!!!! She is the first friend I got after my family moved when I was about 13 from one city to another. Although it was only a move from one city to another in the same and country it was a big change for me since I moved from a Hispanic neighborhood to a White Anglo-Saxon middle class neighborhood. It was quite a change for me! Last email I got from her was she was getting a divorce and moving to Arizona to be with family who had moved to that state. I asked her to get in contact when she had settled with her address. I still have hot hear from here and cannot contact her since even the email I have is now not valid. It has been over a month and I hope she will contact soon.!!!!!!!!!!!! So Deb, if you go on my page please email me.

How do friends break?

Both of the friends think the other is busy and will not contact thinking that it may disturb the other….

As time passes

both think “let the other contact…..

After that each will think

“why should I contact first….?”

Here your LOVE will be converted into EGO & HATE…….

Finally without any contact the memory becomes weak….

And they forget each other…

Finally one fine day they meet n blame one another….

So keep in touch with all your Friends….