Well, I remembered where the bible reading book was. The One Year Bible Companion, 1992, Tyndale House Publications. Was with my bible in the zippered case I had gotten for it in the book shelf I had already looked through a couple of times before noticing that the cover was rather large. . It even has the cross stitched bookmark still marking the last time I studies. My last day I read it was July 11, 2005, nothing to be proud of , just the facts. So, it seems, I made it about half way through the bible. The Bible I use is the Harper Study Bible that I got for the Old Testament College Class I had at the University.

I also went and got around 700 pounds of hay for the goats and 5 bales of straw. This should easily last for the winter. The trailer got a flat, bummer, and so I had to take trips to bring it to the barn in the auto. It is a good thing that the farm was not too far away. I guess I need to get the tire fixed or a new one and get a spare which I should of had in the first place.

I think I will be going to Topeka today. Mexican food sounds good.
Plus I still need to get the 2005 ornaments.