What is Trinity?

The word “Trinity” is not in the bible. It was a term entered into the Christian vocabulary about two hundred years after Jesus when North African Theologian Tertullian suggested that “Trinity” might be a good way to describe the Christian experience of GOD. “Trinity means that you and I should love and respect each other” So when Christians use the word “Trinity” they are trying to express GOD’S love with an inadequate human language.

“Trinity” means that within GOD there is loving fellowship. GOD wants us to love one another as he loves us.

It is possible that some Christians who did not have access to bibicial scriptures, “Trinity” seemed to mean three divinities-father, Mother, and Son. This is lack of knowledge of scriptures on their part.

Another distortion is that GOD is the Messiah. Not so! When Jesus was on the earth he prayed constantly to GOD. He was dependent on GOD. He was not an independent GOD- that is biblical witness.

Another distortion is that Christians have partners with GOD. Not so! GOD is GOD alone! He has no associates.