Today we ended up having a very warm day. It got at least into the forties. Got some plastic put up around the chicken are area to try to keep the dust down. They keep scratching in the area and making the whole barn very dusty. We also put some wire down. This is until we can do something more better. We have not had any lost chickens for months so the barn is working great for them in the aspect. I do not even hear the coyotes that much and have not seen one of the property for a long time. The hunters in the area may be part of the reason.

We also ran a trap across the barn on the poultry side to make another draft barrier to try to keep them a little warmer. They seem to be doing okay but a mostly huddled around the lamp. None of the chickens have gotten frost bite on any of their combs this year which is very good. When it was severely cold we did not even let them out into the yard scratch yard or outside run at all.

After I done with the barn I went inside to make some holiday bread and cookies. I got the chocolate-Almond turnovers and pumpkin bread finished and the cut-out sugar cookies just need to be frosted.