The luxurious satisfaction of having a free conscience is worth any price we have to pay for.

We are reminded of a farmer who was unusually conscientious about his business life. When he retired he sold his entire farm stock and equipment by auction. When a certain cow came into the ring, the farmer stepped forward and told of a defect that the cow had which was not discernible to the public. The cow was sold at a reduced price. The next day when the farmer was asked if her was aware that his little speech in the sale ring cost him twenty-five dollars, he replied. “I told my wife last evening when we retired that I had informed the crowd of the cow’s failing and it cost me a quarter of her regular price, but what is twenty-five dollars to a good night’s sleep and a free conscience?”

E.J. Swalm, Canada, 1949
Canadian Brethren in Christ Bishop and Evangelist