What’s Your Blog IQ?

Blogs are nothing new to you – you’ve weathered your share of blogstorms and maybe even started a couple yourself. You may remember reading “weblogs” in 1997, when Jorn Barger started “logging the web” in Robot Wisdom. Since then, the “blogosphere,” the total of blog-related websites, has exploded. As a blog guru, you’ve probably encountered blog novelties out such as the milblog, a soldier’s military chronicle. “Dark blogs” are no mystery to you either – you might even be a member of these hidden, invitation-only websites.

You’re not the only blogger who wants to have fun. Entertainment was Lycos’ most popular blog topic for 2004, followed by Education, Health, Parenting, and Politics. Whether you’re a blogger or blurker (surfer who reads but doesn’t post), you’ll find a common soul somewhere in the blogosphere. Are you into cloudwatching? Dumpster diving? Dodgeball? Informative, entertaining, or just plain weird, it’s all out there – just don’t let the occasional troll (a disruptive blogger) spoil the fun!

You’re such a blog junkie, blogs regularly ‘blogfoo’ (refer to obliquely) you. Your blog’s blogroll (list of favorite blogs) has more links than Colin Farrell has phone numbers on matchbook covers. Could you use this network to your advantage? Karyn Bosnak did. A taste for Prada landed this twenty-something Manhattanite in $20,000 credit card debt. Karyn launched a thread of commentary on savekaryn.com “blegging” (begging on a blog) for cash. Six months and countless visitor contributions later, Miss Karyn was debt-free.