Wuz da nite befo’ Christmas an’ from hea to Wailuku,
No creetcha wuz stirrin’ not even one uku.
Da Keikis wen snuggle down safe in da beds,
Big dreams of tofuti wen dance roun’ da heads.
An’ me wid my Primo an’ Ma wid her poi,
We jus’ settle down fo’ one rap, – when oh Boy!
One awful big clatter come from da lanai,
I tink maybe coconuts wen fall from da sky.
I wen jump up so fas’ I knock ova da chaia
I wen run to da windo to see what stay dea.
All ova da beach da kine silva moonlight
On da sand an’ da sea it shinin’ so bright,
I can see all da tings on da sho’ plenty clea,
An’ I see sumting out dea dat stay mo’ plenty quea!
One tiny surfboard lyin’ der on da groun’
An’ eight tiny sea horses jus’ swimmin’ aroun’
An’ one little ol surfer so lively, so quick, –
I wen tink to myself, “Ey, brah! Dat Saint Nick!”
He wuz chubby an’ jolly, da kine roly poly,
An’ dressed all in fur fro da chin to okole.
He had one white beard an’ one little roun’ belly
Dat went shake when he laugh like Tutu’s guava jelly.
He wastin’ no time, brah, he wen put down da sack
Dat wuz big as one mountain slung up on his back.
He got plenty good tings for all da keiki
An’ he wen pile dem unda da coconut tree.
He work an’ he work an’ he neva pau hana
Til he put someting der fo’ all da Ohana.
He wen give me one wink an’ one shaka, an’ – pau!
Da seahorses dey know it come time to go now!
He wen pick up da board an’ he run to da ocean,
He wen harness da team an’ he settem in motion.
Mo fasta dan jet planes da seahorses swum
He wen whistle an’ shout an’ he call ’em each one:
“Go Kimo, Go Noni! Gettum Kipo an’ Lani!
Go Kona, go Pua! Geevum Kiki an’ Nani”
To da cres of da wave, tru da foam an’ da spray,
Dey swimmin’ like crazy, dey flyin’ away!

Til all I wen see on da wata out fa,
Wuz one twinkle of light like one dyin’ out star.

But I hea ol Nick holla
Across da dark sea,
“Merry Christmas, da kine,
Aloha Hawai`i!”

ahalo nui loa, Keanuenue. (and Rabbett)
E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe

Was da night befo Chreesmess when all tru da hale,
Not one crecha was stirring not even one `iole,
Da Kakini stay hang on the puka wit caya
Wit hopes dat Santa Claus soon would be dea.
Da keiki wen moemoe on top of da bed
while crackseed and mochi stay dance in deh head.
Mama in her muumuu and I in my malo,
were just finishing off da aku bone and kalo,
Wen outside da hale I heard one beeg clatta
I jumped from da table fo see whats da matta
quick tru da lumi i went like one flash
I opened the puka and run out on da grass
The moon wen shine down on da ocean so clea
gave a lusta to da wata, like frosty root bea.
When what to my maka should I suddenly see
but a double hulled canoe and eight giant mahimahi.
Wit one tiny old paddla, so lively and quick,
That I knew in one minute gotta be St Nick.
More fas dane one mo`o his i`a dey came
an he screaming and yelling and calling dey name
Now Kini, now Kimo, now Kale and Moke,
On Ha`a, on Umi on Limu and Loke,
sweem ova da waves by da light of da moon,
now wait in da wata, I gon come back soon.
Like pupu they stay on da deep ocean flooa
when da wata stat swirling dey come to da shore
so up to the village in Honolulu
with a canoe full of toys and Santa Claus too.
An den in one twinkle, I heard on da wall,
da mele and hula, soun like half-time futball
As I run in da hale and just turn aroun
down came da beeg guy, some tree hundred fifty pound.
He was dress in one malo and kihei all in red
wit one matching papale on top of his head
one package of toys he had trown on his back
and mango and papaya in a lauhala pack
his maka, wen twinkle, his deemple so merry
his cheeks was all rosy, his nose like one cherry
his waha niho ole, was smilin so beeg
and da beard on his `auwae was smoothe as one peeg
he had one tan face, and a beeg fat opu
that shook when he laugh, like a bowl of pipi stew
he was oh so momona, a cute ol kane
and I wen laugh wen I see him, he jus look so funny
One wink of his eye and one twis of his head
soon went let me know I had noting to dread,
he spoke not one word but wen shtraight to his work
filling all the kakini; then he turn wit one jerk
and he wen put his finga on da side of his ihu
and giving one nod ran out to his canoe,
He wen spring on top his noho, an made one beeg whistle
and waway they wen swam like one rocket ship missle
but I heard him wen say on the waves as he go
Mele Kalikimaka, a me hau`oli makahiki hou!