You are a Vogue man if …
1. You shave – and not just your face. In fact, a real Vogue Man is not afraid to wax.
2. You agree that facials are not just for girls.
3. You think yachts and rare whiskies are potential purchases.
4. You buy wine by the vintage, not the price tag.
5. You care about the world of interior design.
6. You think fast food is something Other People eat.
7. You have your suits tailored.
8. A six-pack is not something you drink, but sculpt working out at the gym.
9. You care about shoes as much as Carrie from Sex and the City – and you are not afraid to show it.
10. NY-LON is your transatlantic route, not a pair of synthetic tights.

This was from in a report from the Oberver about the new Men’s vogue magazine. I have not seen this magazine that started in September but it apparently caters to men 35 years and older who are in the upper income bracket or what I call filthy rich. This magazine is not for the T-shirt and jeans whatever is clean or maybe clean clothing wearer Wal-Mart shopper. The clothing in this magazine is way too expensive for most people so it is manly a “wish list” magazine just like the women’s version of vogue. All is not lost since you can look at the tends in the magazine and when shopping for clothing find “knock offs” of the designers in regular stores. The magazine apparently does have some good articles but I have not seen a copy yet.