Where I work are attire is more the casual business wear but there still new hires still seem to be confused about what attire to wear. So here we go again where I work. We have another person who came in wearing sweats and tennis shoes for their first day at work. My suggestion is to ask what is the company dress code. What may be acceptable at one place is not at another. Where I work it is not necessary to have a suit but it is good to have at least one for the two times or so you will need it. A pant suit could be a good choice too.

You may ask why does it matter? We are always judging people by their looks. It is human nature and we are all human. judgement is important! A euchre should stay away from revealing attire but a sales clerk in some places could get a way with it.

Below is a photo from the Black Engineers association. It give a good start and the standards are about the same as the company I work for.