This was perhaps, the hardest time for me, she changed overnight. Suddenly she started to go out in the evening when she hardly ever before. She grew remote and extremely sensitive over the strangest things. It seemed that I could do, or say, nothing that was right. She grew moody in the evenings when she was in and over attentive the next day after a night out.

It was like living with Jeckyll and Hyde. Some days it almost seemed like I was an intrusion. She sat there deep in thought and when I spoke it was as if she was unaware

Part of:
Alan’ s Path
If you change the she to a he it is me.

To Family
I know my family will read with dispair
of what I have been needing to bear
but to me to be fair
I need for my family to really care

It has been noting but grief the last few years
Now I feel like a bird in a cage
But instead of songs I have only tears
and a constant burning rage