An arab tale that tells us that honesty is the best policy.

A man went at sunrise to his favorite spot on the river, sat his line, and pulled in a fat, shining fish. It weighted exactly six pounds.
He took it home and proudly showed it to his wife.
“Prettiest fish I ever caught” he said. “Six pounds of pure pleasure. I’ll cook a grand feast tonight.” Then he left the house and went to work.
His wife could not take her eyes off the fish. It made them water, it looked so tempting. At last she couldn’t stand it any longer. She cooked it and sent for her brother, and they gorged themselves until there wasn’t a morsel left.
That evening the man came home to find no fish.
“I,m so sorry,” his wife cried, “but while I was in the garden the cat got into the kitchen and ate the whole thing, from head to tail.”
The man seized the cat and plopped it on a scale. It weighted exactly six pounds.
“If this is my fish, then where is the cat?” he asked. “And if this is the cat, then I wonder just where my fish might be.”