I found this picture on the internet and is not what I did but I can understand the amount anger.

Below are some signs of a husband is cheating on you. It can be a very horrible experence from an emotional aspect especally if they get moody, cold, just plain mean , fault finding and blaming and yelling for just about everything.

Distances himself from you, either emotionally or sexually

His moods are erratic. Living with him is like being on a roller – coaster; you never know when he’ll explode at you.

He is unusually cold and distant

When you are out together, he seems more flirtatious than usual with other women. He notices women more.

He buys new clothes.

Often works late/out with friends

He becomes hard to reach at the office or on the road and starts coming home at unusual times

Often discusses co-worker or friend of the opposite sex

Not accountable for long periods of time

New sexual practices/positions with you

Hides email/phone messages from you, or doesn’t want you around when talking on the phone or online

Accuses you of affairs

Starts improving appearance, working out, new clothing, haircut

Unexplained bills on credit card, gasoline card for places you have not been

Clothing is washed immediately or changed after coming home. Perfume, lipstick, sexual stains are on clothes.

You get calls where the caller hangs up when he or she hears your voice

Tells you other guys cheat but he would never do that

Communication and his interest with you decreases dramatically.

He doesn’t plan our weekend activities anymore the way he used to before

Later, after the affair has been going on awhile, he often starts finding fault with the wife as a defensive mechanism (i.e., to justify the affair in his mind).

The cheater’s relationship with his family will almost always change, that is, he will tend to become more distant, cold, or fault-finding (i.e., he starts to blame the family, especially the wife, for his behavior).

Mutual friends start acting strangely toward you. (They either know
about the cheating or have been told stories about what a horrible wife
or girlfriend you are.)