As I rest my weary head on my bed
My head views the pictures of my dreams
I look around and I see the clouds of time
Wondering around with my love and my fears.

It is as if a well of spirits had unleashed age old memories
Thoughts of love, and happiness
Peering in from ages past.
How I wonder how Long they were missing.

Ages and ages of times and places
Each with a piece of my soul growth bleneded in.
The dreams only glimpses of then.
My hurts passed and my loves returned

Each day I wonder how much my soul has seen
Where and when was I before
How will i see time and again.
It is like flying in and out of a small bubble again and again

Each night I look and I wonder
I gaze at the well of souls and drift in and out
Each time a new Bridge is burned or only buried for furture use
The experience and the wonder of it all

I look at the skies of time.
Some have smoke,
Some have light
Some have the colors of love and wisdom flying around

Then I return into the body of current
I drift to the bows of my eyes
I great the world refreshed
And love that my mind has been given .

Source: Jerry Atlanta, GA