Yesterday we got an unwelcome critter at our place. A very ill raccoon was found by the barn. I received a call at work from my daughters that they had found a sick raccoon. Since raccoon are typically active at night a day time sighting is not good but a very ill one is really not a good think. I do not like raccons anyway after killing so many of my birds. Here in Kansas raccoons account for 40% of the reported cases and are also affected by parvovirus. So now I am confronted with the problem of what to do will the animal since out in the boonies where there is no animal control. I called my vet to see if they will put it down since I do not like what the local law enforcement suggest which was to dumb it away from the property because they tend to come back. There is so way this raccoon would be able to travel very far but I do not feel like dumping a diseased animal on someone else’s property is not doing right thing. After some phone calls I got the number of the Kansas Wildlife department and hopefully can get it resolved soon.

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