I remember when my children were young and they always seemed to want to go to the public restrooms. They figured out they all tend to be different so they wanted to always go into them to see they differences. Family Restrooms are becoming more common in the United States and are really a life saver for families of young children. I would never let my young son go into a restroom by himself so I always had to take him into the female restrooms which worked until he got to school age. They have had unisex/family restrooms in Germany for many years. They had two entrances which was sort of funny to us Americans at the time because you would go into separate doors and meet again inside.
Family Restrooms

I did a search on toilets around the world and it is amazing how many web sites there are. Most of them are from travel experiences. Even thought I am really not a skirt wearer type of female a long skirt can be a good idea for modestly in other countries. Unless you are of course like the German female I saw in the city just squat in a empty lot. That took more guts than I have. I would have to a least find a bush.

Well anyway their are some interesting photos of toilets on the web. The Japanese have some really nice ones. If I ever get the room converted into a bathroom at my house I really would like a Bidet. They are so neat. I suppose the Japanese think so because half of the households now have them.
Here are some interesting photo for more just go to a search engine and type in toilet.

East Meets West toilet In India. It has an area to stand on or put down the seat.

This is a Sultan Loo. They have documented simple channel Indoor type plumbing of around 600 BC.