Here is the scene; I am at work and look at the clock because the new hire is coming for her second day of work at 1:00 and I am suppose to do some training. It is close to the time and I get busy and then I see her walk in and look at the time 1:10.

Now I am wondering is this going to be her trend. I decide not to tell the boss, which can get me in trouble if she finds out about this, but if she does it again I will likely say something. I think my looking at the clock gave the new hire a clue by her reaction.

Now the million-dollar question is? Why are some people perpetual late? According to Karen Sherman a psychologist who specializes in relationships and lifestyle issues she says, “Some people are perpetually tardy because they don’t have a good sense of time or try to squeeze too much into the time they have available” “Others are late because it’s a passive-aggressive way to be in control”.

Whatever their cause, being late is not fashionable to others and me. It is a bad habit you need to break.

Some Tips:

Carry a watch or cell phone to keep time

Make sure all the clocks in the entire dwelling you live in match

Be prepared and plan ahead.

Think about having a goal of getting 10 minutes before you are suppose to be there-This is what I personally do and it works for me. Well, I also hate being late.

Try not to over schedule you time- get real